Monday, May 30, 2011

Your Memorial Day....Your Fourth of July Firecracker Exploding in the Grave!

The ides of Memorial Day are now upon us. War is being celebrated. They say as it is turned into an ever encompassing perpetual propaganda machine every year. Alright….fine. So then we can tell the stories of George Watkins, Ron Kovic, Phan Xuan Sinh, and the Vietnam veterans who were tragically effected in some kind of physical or mental way. Changed by war forever. George Watkins would say “Our worst time was about the entire month of December 1967. They brought one Chinook helicopter in and took us all out.” George Watkins was an infantrymen in the 196th Brigade. He stepped on a land mine and lost both his legs, severely effecting his ability to walk as well as losing his eye sight. His one leg eventually had to be amputated due to gangrene. Ron Kovic was a man who was paralyzed by a wound he received in the Danang River Valley in 1968. He was forever changed by that in so many ways. “I am your fourth of July, your yankee doodle dandy, I am your John Wayne come home, your fourth of July firecracker exploding in the grave.” His story is infamous for the film entitled Born on the Fourth of July” made by Oliver Stone who himself was a Vietnam Vet. Phan Xuan Sinh was a South Vietnamese veteran who mistakenly killed a city of people. Not armed, not even “the enemy.” All of these men have something in common, they all had a very traumatic and deadly expierence with war. I have been thinking about all of these stories. The ones who have been ignored by the government, the ones who have been crapped on. The ones who’s lives have been affected by war. The nation I love is forever in my heart this memorial day. The nation I love  needs to be remembering the tragedies of this day only to understand the complex paradox as it seems as it is. War is a tragedy. That is what we must remember. Sacrifice to who? I ask. To my freedoms or my governments politics that have maimed thousands of men and women who are kids. Their just kids, kids who have lost so much for all of us. The day will come when the living will have to be judged by the dead who are brought back to haunt the livings misgivings. The consequence of the Vietnam war lives on the memories of those who have perished and who for those who have kept it alive need to bring some clarity to the war and what it caused for millions of people in the world. The United States needs to start talking about ending war, not promoting it with slogans, banners, and rhetoric on love of country. Take this example, Yesterday at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, Colin Powell kept on referring to us as sacrificing and not word was talked about the loss of a trauma, or physical ailment, or a guy in Iraq or Afghanistan who has been altered due to these wars. In the name of September 11, 2001. I will never forget that horrible day. The US president got Bin Laden, yes, but they forgot to ask the question, Why did the US train him? What was he used for? Soviet Union? Remember them when we used Mr. Bin Laden in the invasion of Afghanistan? CIA and the growing of Opium? I know this all seems to be a shock to all those reading this right now. War for freedom? War for democracy.? War for empire, greed, selfishness, and above all control of oil in the Middle East. My generation saw evil on its shores. The Vietnam war saw the worst form of evil as well. A perpetual progranda machine on its own people. The other conflicts were the Persian Gulf War was the one I remember when I was a kid about ten or so. 1991. I can almost remember that night in January. Wow, amazing. That day I asked my grandfather a question. “Who’s winning?” His reply was…….Nobody wins.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nazi Intoxification of our culture and how it is about the environment!

I have been asked to write of the scary realization that Beyonce Knowles maybe in the authoritarianism business. Let me explain. The idea that she is a hero to minorities every where just seems so cruel. The women is an absolute disgrace to the world of music. There is no music here. More or less a cult of death and destruction is what we have here, a cult of nazism, a cult of vice. The Nazi Party decided to create a cult of death to kill innocent victims of the holocaust. The death and destruction that six million felt on Europe can never be denied by anybody. A superior race was told that it will be born out of the ashes. The music video Run the World by Beyonce is part of that culture, a sick display of torture and just pure self promotion of misanthropy. The highest form of hatred anywhere. We live in a time of great peril environmentally as well as militarily. The greatest threats to our humanity are nuclear war and environmental disaster. We have already proven that with fukashima, chernobyl, three mile island, exxon valdez, and the gulf of mexico oil spill. Climate change has become one of the greatest threats to our humanity. The fact that Don Blankenship has destroyed the great majestic West Virginia Appalachian Moutains is such a disgrace. Here is an explanation by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As the video explains the diabolicle nature in which human lives have been lost in such a very sick and disturbing manner. The cherished memories have been loved, the people have been lost.

The idea here is to add to issues that have to be addressed, the above video as well as the one in my last blog are very important to understand. The result is the following result of our misbehavior by the elites.


Nazi German Anthem

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nuclear Insanity from Ground Zero!

The information I am about to share is disturbing and may be unsuitable to younger viewers. Reader discretion advised. The Nuclear industry would like us to believe that radioactivity is not a problem. Nuclear energy is not a problem they say. The environment is not harmed they say. I would like to believe all of their information, however I cannot respect the nuclear industry and I use that term loosely, since they are essentially a consortium, thanks to the Bush Administration. I have my problems with this crowd. The government since 2001 has been very untrust worthy. I never really trusted them, I am disturbed by the fact that hubris is infected into our culture, our economy, and the world around us. The pollution due to Fukashima Nuclear Plants reactors 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 have new meaning to what pollution is. E=MC^2. The power of the sun. I must say pollution on this magnitude is very much what the China Syndrome predicted. A realistic implication by which human loss of life has led to a very hard cold reality for us all. The end of the nuclear age. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a mad scientist as it is reported. The destructor of worlds. The very nature of the is age old technology we claim to be the end all be all sources of energy, I define it as craziness with a twist in society, in this moment I shall give true assessment on what I think the world has come to.
 In order to understand what is being said here we must go really far in history, the thirty years war. The powers at the time understood that the decline of empire is what creates the transformational moments set foot on the planet. Karl Marx spoke of these very situations. The ample dialogue in which examines communal ways of life. The utopia that is created unto the continent. The systemic realization that humans are forever changed for the better when not exploited. It seems fitting when people actually heed that philosophy. I speak of exploitation as an adversarial component here. The game that is being played is destruction of life and community. The revolutions throughout history have been germane in mostly when these nations have been exploited to the extent their imagination has disappeared. The sexual revolution realized what women in their ordinary circumstances can do under intense pressure from their master(husbands). Lesbian and Gay rights have been circumvented by the religious right in a very intense discussion of conservative robber barons suggesting the rightful place for these human qualities called sexual pleasure are for the socially conservative. These methods of ideology insist on fascist tendancies. You probably are asking what does sex and gender have to do with history. Its simple. Everything. It maybe a very difficult subject matter for some due to the explicit language I speak of. Sex is by its very nature a human trait. It goes back to the beginning of time. Love is secondary to sex. The Nazi regime in the 1930s were ultra-conservative and understood the very nature of this fact. Their abuse towards women and in the social degradation in general is very grim. Homosexuality was attacked and denied to be practiced by anybody that dared become part of their humanity. They also created groups that were attempting science that was almost pseudo-scientific. Sir. Francis Galton was a Eugenist. He wrote very racist and condescending opinions on man. There were people like this in the twentieth century with this culture in mind. “The question is not whether socialism is eugenics, for instance, socialists but rather eugenics is socialism.” A very germane disturbing picture emerges when we deal with the Nazi German third Reich. This regime was one of the most horrific in history. The holocaust was a form of great peril and genocide. The loss of loved ones was a very ugly episode befallen on to human kind. All in the confines of the nation state. This radical concept emerged out of the thirty years war. The radial belief in colonial oppression grew and then it led to industrialization. Out of tyranny of absolutism a new form of tyranny emerged. The power of Christianity that hijacked the faith and claimed as its own. Jingoism has its origins in the birth of empire. The kings and queens of Europe understood that and the basis for oppression under the shroud of majestic symbolism created a new dawn. This mindset would last for hundreds of years until a man in England who was catholic. A very protestant British royal government created very difficult situations as their empire grew. Guy Fawks was this very man. His opposition to the tyrannical nation state created the gunpowder plot that has been emphamise throughout Great Britain. The conception of militancy expanded under rebellious Fawks. He was fighting the corporate adoption of these ideas that were instituted by world powers. His legacy is still mirred by the United Kingdom as a symbol of terrorism. I ask then what is terrorism. As the age of terror in the 21st century has been defined as Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda the over reaching grasp of the nation state has lied out right in suggesting a shadowy enemy cannot be stopped. The terror threat hyped and cynical as it is does nothing but malign and decrease the power of the individual. Where does sex and radical ideology come in? In the midst of George W. Bush and the War of Terror he had suggested the criminal intent by his own government in labeling anyone that was picked up on the battlefield as an unlawful enemy combatant. The diminishing suggestion gives the communal aspect to sex as an evil deed. Or in than everything is evil and must be refined in order to prove ones self worth. This a dangerous paradox and very serious problem in order to feel pleasure and enjoyment of others. Nazi Germany in the midst of World War II banned contraception from the public and demonizing gay and lesbians in the midst of an intense war in Europe. Society pressures everyone to be open and free of normalcy it seems. Fetishism was a contradictory and perhaps normal practice in the early part of European development. The idea that by scientifically changing the culture of one’s self will change the very fabric of the betterment of all. What Dagmar Herzog as a professor of Sex History would suggest the evil intent by the religious right as a legitimacy factor grows to a reverse psychosis. Banning pleasure to better their rule is just an assault.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks for the letter.....often improbable whatever else remains. Logic Ray my friend

The task might be daunting, but it is in a complimentry form. A linguist once told be that human kind must have hegemony or survival or fall victim to a failed state. A state of being...impracticle. The very signs of abject failure is one area we not cross. Thought has been said in the above blog. That is what I have always done, since I was a child. I was five years of age and I could understand the television news tell me that the Challenger had a systems failure on board the space shuttle. Months later it was revealed that there was an o ring problem thus causing an explosion. My point is not the Space Shuttle, and yes needs to be looked at in another posting. My point here is I have never fully recongized myself as an intellectual fully. My dear family says I have "problems." They say I need a "job." As in working minimum wage and working until my head explodes to "support myself."  They believe in the business world. They have no concepts of human kind. No concepts of art, music, science, literature, economics, history, poitical science, and above all just what Thomas Paine called Common Sense. If they read what John P. Holdren wants to do with the planet I think they will think twice on their ways as humans. I am in the middle of his latest edict, "Ecoscience." As Webster Tarpley called it a recipe for genocide. Believe me it is not pretty. The ideas swirling around in my mind day in and day out consume me. I am very lucky to be unemployed at the moment due to the fact that it just seems out of concidence I am without employment. I think all the time. I sometimes cannot stop thinking. I spend the entire day on one topic, they my family say I must stop "obsessing" Obsessing is thinking as thinking is obsessing. For the last five years I have pondered about the histiography of history. Spending numerous days and weeks on many areas of different periods.  Trying to incapsulate the meanings of these periods in time in our own time. I have come away with some very unique solutions to the problems we currently face here and now. The west is in decline, the middle class is being erased from existence. The flesh and blood of man is being revised, to a form of serfdom, not to mention my discovery on the merger of history and science have merged to provide us with something more valuable to understand: dehumanization. I have many ideas on this subject. I have ideas on why this matter is very important to the scholastic undermining of valuing education in the form of slavery and desecration inside us as individuals. Since I met you in 2006, I have changed ideologically as well as politically. I had to change because my mind had gone through a shock, Hurricane Katrina. I will lay this out in detail here because I have to: When I was a child I loved the weather. I used to enjoy storms. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and meteorology. Snow in winter was incredible. The worst snow event was 1974 in Detroit, as they say. The worst tornado outbreak in the United States was the April 3-4 1974 outbreak. That was incredible. When I was in high school I did a project in my special ed class on severe weather. The teachers thought it was amazing. "You ought to be a weatherman." They said. So I persued it, that first year at Macomb in 2001 I was frightened, not knowing what to ask or even what to say I explained to the professor then I was suffering from ADD as they said, I had been told. He yelled at me and said, YOU NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU NEED! Not knowing what to say I walked out and dropped my enrollment from their. I felt discouraged by that day and never returned to college. It took three years of returning from that expierence. The summer of 2005 was one I will never forget. I felt very patriotic for Bush. That is what I said. To my family and friends. Not knowing how hurt people were during his time in office. I supported George W. Bush twice and felt very highly of him, as it seemed to me he was a hero and all around a nice guy. Writing this now I have thoughts on what he said about the war in Iraq. Better to fight them there, then fight them here on our own soil. Those words seem so childish, foolish, and ignorant. To every intellectual here reading this, I was wrong. I made a tragic mistake. We as a nation made a mistake, going into Iraq. That summer was great until Katrina. It started out very intriguing. The National Hurricane Center came on TV with Max Mayfeild. Max was the premier forecaster at the time. The warnings issued were incredible. Friday into Satruday were intense. Katrina out of nowhere on Sunday exploded into a Category 5 Hurricane, oh my gosh! The day most of us weather geeks wait for. But this one was different. The storm barreled unto New Orleans. I felt insane. This thing is going to be a life changer. Just check out the advisory for Sunday evening at 5pm. Feww. The storm then came and went, but then the worst part of this thing started to happen. ogh. my word. I still cannot get over it. The African American! Left for dead in the flood no less. Not just them African american people but hard working Americans, left for dead literally. I began to do something....question my government. What in the world is this? I asked. Can we provide care for people who are drowning. I discovered my president lied to me. If he lied to me about this he must have lied about Iraq, Afghanistan, and maybe just maybe lied about September 11, 2001. I got angry and started to cry one winters day in 2005. Started to realize I have been lied to. The feelings that were there, were very sincere, and life changing. I began to understand social critics like Edward R. Murrow, Kieth Olbermann, and just started to understand Michael Moore. I sat down with my mom and said I must go back. I must go and get physics. I was being forced into it by a friend of mine from Plainwell, Michigan, in western parts of Michigan. I then went back to Macomb College and choose my first english class. ENG 1080. It said in the catalog. The day I went to sit in the class I began to have anxiety. The professors then were well being very cruel and insensitive. I saw this tall African American male with a wrinkly forehead. Felt nervous to see him, he began to speak, wow...knowledge. What a concept. He started to raise some serious issues in the class, stuff that I was very familiar with. Stuff that I had understood, and no one else did. I had the courage to speak and recite the reasons dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was well neither right nor wrong. "It speaks for itself" I said. I still stand by that now. The power of nature is ferocious. Its ever encompasses everything we do here on earth. The very magnitude of what happened in New Orleans has effected me to my very core. In a bit of irony, my dad lives in New Orleans right now. If the drug dealing friends of his are reading this right now, he's down there. When I began to reopen my eyes to the world around me, I was told by this tall african american with a wrinkly forehead to read A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. That was a changing event in so many ways for me, cause it was a doorway to remove my self from the rabbit hole. Matrix with a twist. Ever since that fateful day in September of 06 I will never forget the journey I took to get there. Being a young intellectual is part of my life. Being an intellectual requires everything about as an individual. That is above all the concept of being human. I give you spock to explain my thoughts:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

War on Terror Hogwash! Here is their story...

The war on terror. That is what they say this is about. The war is supposed to be about the September 11, 2001 attacks. I have a hard time believing all of this, it seems the government is lying. The US government is lying. They are always saying things that do not make sense. To me, I humbly have come to the conclusion that this was a lie. Yes, I must admit the times have come to seek truth when no one is trying to place blame on the Bush crime family. The fact that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset, the Afghanistan War was an opportunity by the US to invade that part of the world to oust the Soviet Union. The fact remains that this was an operation to overthrow the other imperialists who thought it would be nice to invade and caused tremendous damage on to the Afghan people. No accountability was ever given to them. The fact remains of plausible deniability. I feel that these events reek of imperialism gone out of control. This sure smells funny. The idea our government went after Osama Bin Laden and has now retrieved the body. Out of Abbotabod, Pakistan. The Iraqi people know all to well that war does nothing but create misery, pain, and suffering. In the midst of this new found glory that President Obama has is interesting to say the least. Here is my solution the mystery. P-a-k-i-s-t-a-n. What do I mean? CIA has for the last 40 years been unwittingly created a boogeyman. That phantom of a man has been propped up for the last ten. Money and greed corrupt the world around us it seems. Oil, War, and drugs. The Capsian Sea rich in oil, and the last drops of this are very precarious. You can go back to many publications from the last forty years. Corporate America has seized the Oil in the Eurasian region and entitled itself with billions of dollars, the elite of the world have been gorging on natural resources for the last 100. Robber Baron classes have decided to destroy the planet for their own selfish interests.
America is rotting from within. We are on a full fledged nuclear war with China. I guess it would seem appropriate for evidence to be collected in advance of this story. Bin Laden now dead, the war profiteers have their sites set on the ultimate crime. World War III. The sad truth about us is that America is now a third world country. The planet is headed for serfdom.  The US economy is headed for a cliff, and now the world powers have the instinct to incinerate the planet. I have questions. Does anybody care about love? Or sex? Or even just loving one another. What is wrong with sex anyway, I mean it is just natural. Come on.  Natural in the sense that sex is normal. No they say, it is sin, it is meirly the fact that people are told horrible things in the spite of the truth behind the unnatural  terror  that surround the conservative radicals in the US, suggesting that sex is evil. Hmm, I do not think in any categorical way this is an evil act. It is a way of taking care of oneself. That is what needs to be promoted. There are no more hippies anymore. Love is a good thing, a healthy practice. Not like all of these perverted neoconservative fascists who claim they are moral people. Suggesting the moral high ground. If the above statements are true than the war on terror is your fault. George W. Bush squandered the American image world wide, and I am supposed to believe the psychopathic murderers who run everything? Osama Bin Laden was a CIA creation. I just have a difficult time in this moment of world history believing my beloved government telling me that the world is safe now. Move along. You don’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droids your looking for! I remember the 2007 documents by the RAND corporation suggesting that they needed to lobby the pentagon (the group that was directly behind the Manhattan Project) to start a war with Russia and or China. To save the US economy. These are just questions and shadows of questions that I have in light of all that has taken place in this “war on terror.” All these lies promoted by George W. Bush and his evil men. Torture, rendition, and crimes against humanity. The evil has gone from this place. He isn’t human.