Friday, June 10, 2011

May I have more Mr. Scrooge.....

It has come to me that capitalism is a disease without any innocence. It is a destructive power without regard. It is a destructive force without the acknowledgement of the common ordinary American. The reality of its power is very overwhelming. One must look at the novel by one Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol. The reason I bring mention this, has to do with someone I encountered who told me that the US budget ought to be zero. Yeah that’s right. The poverty, the homeless, and the indigant? My god. So I add to that, are there no prisons, are there no workhouses? What a terrible concept. In the most richest and wealthiest nation on this earth, and the basics cannot be met. The idea that someone is not able to live? All because he is not able to afford the basics of life. Food, water, shelter, and healthcare?  All of this reminds me of the story of a Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol, the stingy but chilling figure that is Ebenieser Scrooge. My heart aches such thoughts can be uttered by such people. The idea that we need not care about the poor. The diety of Reagan I guess has worked very brilliantly. They bought it. Hook…..line…..and sinker!
            These economic madmen have said there responsibility is to create more tax cuts for the job creators. Yet we utter such nonsense to take away from the most vulnerable. He said what is vulnerable? The homeless, the hungary, the working men and women. I saw a women on the entrance of the freeway in Michigan with her head covered and only showing was a tin cup of clanky coins in it. Ugh, The most basic idea to cloth yourself. The most basic idea to bathe yourself. The most basic idea to warm yourself. Whatever happened to dignity in this country? So what may be the next economic crash to come may be these sad people’s day at the gates of St. Peter. I pray that that day arrives for everyone that denies the ultimate price that must be paid, the last loan, the last debt to be piled on. The last journey capitalism has before its death nail. May our children forgive us. May they never have to hear such hogwash from people like this. The meek to be ignored?  The vulnerable to be dismissed? The economic conditions of millions to be deprived for millions of people all because someone thinks we ought to save money? The catholic church has condemned such action from capitalism as being evil. I as a catholic believe these to be true in every sense. The day will come when all of you, who in every respect ignored your thoughts only to dumb yourself down, only to be deceived by the great devil himself. The day will come, yes it will. When the meek will triumph. When we stand tall and look you savages in the eyes and laugh. We will laugh and love when you will be dragged in the street and shot. Yes, I know this may sound cynical and downright morbid. I hope it does. The least among you will have its revenge. The madness in all of us will shake these chains of slavery and wake the sleeping giant that is free humanity.  The Mohicans will come, and destroy you. I declare eternal war on you! If the elite are reading this, you have been warned. Ahh yes. Bloodshed! The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time. Ahh yess! You cowards. The family tree I have is majestic. Only will it do you great harm when it doubt, when my great great great grandfather The first and greatest president George Washington of the USA came to march on Trenton. He was fixture of what is good and decent. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! LET ALL PATRIOTS KNOW THAT YOUR DAYS OF EXPLIOTATION ARE COMING TO AN END!!! USA USA USA USA!!!! I understand history as anyone may know the sorrow journey man has took on the way from the days of Adam Smith, the days of Keynes, and the days of Milton Friedman. This cancer has spread, it has spread to all of us, to all of the victims like a curse, like a disease, like a cancer that spreads to all of the innocent. The disease will only get worse,  it will only spread if nothing is done.

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