Friday, October 21, 2011 more on Einstien

Wave Duality in some cases is rife with controversy in these cases. A dualistic quality is evident as space time is open to the dualistic nature within the natural cyle. Electromagnetism is based on particles being attracted from a subatomic level of rotatation around the central point when applied to Newtonian physics. Hesenberg is wrong in all cases when scientifcally the proven evidence has been destorted around many Einstienian thinkers. His theorierical model on relativity is grossly underestimated especially the one on unificatiion.

     Unification in which many mainline scientist have forgotten to understand. Or may not know. Particle accelarators are over and beyond the facets to getting right back into E=MC^2. Ray, what you must understand here is in many cases the argument is based on mainline text that have destrorted the picture and applied scientific evidence that does not surcome to any quantum evidence. I am looking into that very phenomeon. The day we are on Mars, the rovers will be dinosaurs. I mean when there is a mars mission, the quantum field theory will be proven on another distant planet. Meaning? We must go back to Einstien and his theory on Unification. Planet or no planet, the bases for his theory when it is finished is comment please!

          The evidence that four forces of nature in a W diagram is in with many manuscipcts. A highly underdeveloped particle is needed as the key unifier. Strong,Weak, and electromagentism have the interlocking forces that HAVE to be harnessed in a facility, namely it has to be tested in a lab, brought to an acceleration of 500,000m/s x 10-175 Joules. A very unique situation arises when all forces are in unison. Namely that when dangerous velocities have been reached in excess of many speeds of light, a unified field theory can be achieved. When this occurs, be very careful not to be there. Cause the high velocities will create the end result. We, namely people are in unison with the lab expieriment. When this occurs, the new energy is born as one is now ready for.....time travel. The only real way to look at this with a real sense of undestanding is when e=mc^2 we have to remember the place and starting point is in the present day. The entity that we look at here is the human that will be sent to the other side. So to speak and brought back to the present in a 1/2 second of earth time. Although he or she might be gone for a very long time. Years maybe. A dualistic chemical wave duality function is part of it.

          The time dilution is needed to sort out the long delays for reentry, kind of like NASA and all that stuff, only this time delta v is not a component in getting back to earth and all that burn ratio model. Now the presumption is very evident when we get to the electromagentic spectrum. A wave function in quantum Chemistry? The dual rythmic comton scattering is very closely aligned when looking at the way froward in time and the way backward in time. The theory that Einstien had was a very plausible scenario. Except he forgot to include all the math that was required backwards. The evidence suggests the worm hole would be created as you or I are in this new realm traveling at the speed of 3 or 400 times the speed of light in this new realm. we have to remember that the engineers have to be very careful when priducing this technology inside the "machine." Because this constant state of unison that is created by high accelerations must be looked at carefully. They know more than I can help them on the engineering schematics. Engineering of this kind has to be performed by good ethical people in a facility that are able and willing to care for all the delicate objectives. W and Z bosons are only the tip of the quantum iceberg. Quarks and all those other ones are being smashed over and over again, thats what happens when you smash particles over and over and over again.

          The issue with comton scattering can be applied backwards in which any initial energy is the starting point, as in any theoretical situation. The resultant is a final dual use energy. This is were your dielectric flux comes from (pitchfork symbol). Chemical ratios over the years have come up with very opposing and rather hostile perspective. MIT was in the midst in the 1980s suggesting this very phenomeon. All there work on dual use of chemical bonds is way over there heads. Still trying to put this "stuff" in our heads. A quantum chemical bond of Au is very important. A cosmic chain is need here, as in dy/dx=dw/dz, this shows the continous expansion of space in relation with space time. Hence dual use. Superconductivity and computational theory are on a need based formation of sorts. A realistic notion of sorts. Chemical bonds as well as quantum bonds have one small difference.....time. The ratio of time in this matter is uniquely align with this question you have posted. Space as well as time remember what I said to you on the phone Friday about this. Except I did not get the chance to finish my sentence!

          Lets go back what I was saying before about quantum field theory. A closer inspection at fisrt glance has us believe that what I propose is accurate. Namely the idea I have posed here today, can be more mathematically proven by applying function as well as quadratics. The formula in most cases will work as I have in mind. Chemicals yes, quantum bonds, no. The imperfect computational superconductivity you have come to ask about is rather cleared up, now I think, that is namely the gravitational electromagnetic particle displacement that leads to unification, which goes beyond Einstiens theory of unification and proves the fact that time travel is possible. The duality is still in theory form obvisouly, Engineers need a kick start, and how at first glance the imperfect indentical formula of W models as well as basic ideas of bonds have really been at the for front. California Institute of Technology chemists have been trying, almost desperately heeving at the notion of chemical and quantum bonds (this stuff is what I have been trying to tell to my shirely temple uncle). This is very uniquely obvious when we take into consideration the next level of potential expierementation. :)

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