Monday, December 19, 2011

I sentence you to Prison Orwell!

I have to say it. I am forced to by concurrent events that have left me stunned or lack of a better term, very scared. The National Defense Authorization Act. If by chance anyone reads Wikileaks, check it out. The most terrifying website I have ever come across. I must say it because nobody else is. The fact that millions are threatened with new and never before seen authoritarian classical tyrannical dictatorial powers. The United States turned into a prison. That what needs to be said. A prison for, of and by the US military. Our lives are in danger. Our society is closing in on us. I remember ten years ago when torture was the topic of law professors and how it would disappear. I have not seen the Obama Administration do away with any of it. I am very disturbed by what he has done. To me it is unbelievable what a democratic party can create. The world turned into a prison. Think about that. The world is going to become a prison.  All of the pieces of the puzzle have been put together. The John Warner Defense Authorization Act, The Military Commissions Act, the repeal of Habueas Corpus, and the National Security Presidential Directive 51 with all the ten governors council.  Yeah, it seems the federal  laws that once protected us no longer do what they were intended. The danger all of us face is usurped citizenship. We all face the militarization of our planet. Noam Chomsky would suggest this in his latest op-ed piece. What we are witnessing is martial law in slow motion. Everything we have bled and fought for is over. The day is here. The prison system is hell bent on refinement. There remains a trace of torture in the modern mechanisms of crimininal justice, a trace that has not been entirely overcome but which is enveloped increasingly by the non-corporal nature of the penal system. This criminal justice system now reduced to a system of horrors. The docile bodies has now been turned into the bodies of the condemned. A total militarized psychology has taken hold. A prison culture will develop over time. A culture that will be dominated by the screams of demands by prisoners. Screams of power, despair, deceit, anger, and regret. Imagine for a moment that the prisoner is trying to beg the guard for help. “Power guard, I can get that for you!”  “This is not for power prisoner.” So what is it then?!? It is for you, the guard says laughing. We have to realize what were up against. The fema camps have been accivated, thanks to KBR and our good friends at Halliburton. The sad truth is the eventual calamity that will develop in due time when millions will be captured, detained, and tortured by the US military. Now, I have been asked how can so many can be forcibully taken from their homes and put into prison? Simple, you collectively deprive them over time. The world is being ghettoized. The United States has old military bases, and now fema will activate them for processing of detainees. “Okay, ISN 100621!” Come on lets go. “No please, NOOO!” Uh com’on shutup lets get movin! “Where we going!?!” You know were! We are going to the chamber! Haahahaahaahaaahaahaa!!!! “I want to see a lawyer.” I Wanna be represented. Ha hahahahahahahaahaaaahaaahaaahaa! Oh gees, ISN 100621, you have no lawyer. Why is that? They no longer have rights either! Yeah, that’s right. Think about where this is going. No representation. No due process. No Lawyer. The real truth is where the republic is headed. We have one chance, just one chance to stop this. Get involved with the Occupy Movement….NOW! Or else we are all facing prison without due process. A system that will bring misery, pain, and death.  I write this as a warning. If you care, please read The end of America, by Naomi Wolfe. One story that will take you away. The book, by Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade exposes the epitomey of slavery.  I surely hope you understand what you are doing. Cause I fear for your life. Classical Tyranny is coming. Prepare for it….or it will consume you.
The prison system is without a doubt a very complex system of control that took hundreds and even thousands of years to develop. A very real possibility that martial law is declared under the pretense that the economy will totally collapse seems more likely. It took thirty years to create, and now the system is imploding. I dread the day that millions will be forced into the camps as well as the creation of a nerve center for totalitarianism. This is the most severe crisis in human history. Corporatism will turn into fascism, then the eventual complete control of society. Many philosophical people have come and discussed the very possibility that these forces come back and haunt us. The total militarization of this planet, and the most terrifying aspects to this is fact that most not all world leaders have the nuclear launch codes. Hannah Arendt suggested the banality of evil. Something so simple can be so extraordinary. World events have been something I care deeply about. I watch and listen to the news every day. To then research the what, when, how, and why of the world can make you look at this world and come to some conclusion that someone or something controls the earth. It seems beyond our control. It seems that darkness has ascended onto us. What can be said about Detroit these days. It has gotten to a degree that economic martial law is now being declared. Surely, the incitement of riots will commence. When this starts the plan is in place. The Federal government has put the most serious edicts in position with money and assets to commence with martial law. The issue here is too much power. A serious crisis is about to occur. A day of infamy is about to occur. This is a call to all free people, your life, your property, your loved ones, and your right to live is at stake. No political system can come to the rescue, there is no movement to rally around. The end is near for the freedom of humanity. This system took twenty years to create. We folks who were told about the Waco incident were told that it was not the fact that the Branch Davidians were crazy,  it was the federal governments power that made my grandparents, pause and think and raise their voices about the real possibility the greatest evil to be committed in the history of the United States: the usurpation of rights of citizens by the new….world…..order, or the Anglo-American Empire. That’s all this was about. I feel the spirit of Detroit as we speak. People like Marvin Gaye, people like the Supremes. I see the abandonment sometimes and still hear the sounds of so much that is now lost. Today I saw my family. I visit my aunt in Hamtramck. She is in her eighties. That generation has so much to be grateful for. The sound of jazz, blues, and Duke Elington. Woodward avenue is now empty….empty because it became through bad decisions. This is what Detroit is going to be if we let it. My uncle said he is purchasing a gun because it is so dangerous. Think about that….so sad it has come to this. The martial law implementation will be scary, long, and severe. A lot of people are going to be hurt “no matter what your purpose is.” As the Pittsburgh Police stated in the G-20 in 2009. If you do not understand what all of this means…I suggest YOU look into some history. Iran Contra for one. The second is the CIA, NSA, FBI and J Edgar Hoover. If all of this is going to happen it will be sad….so very sad.
Our lives are in danger. Apparently as I write this the president of the United States has just signed the NDAA bill into law.  What you need to know is that the law makes it possible for you, for me, and the rest of society to be picked up and put into prison. Yeah thats right, an American citizen who is deemed to be a terrorist or is affiliated in any way of being a terrorist. The law of the land on March 3rd is indefinite detention for alot of people.

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