Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nazi Intoxification of our culture and how it is about the environment!

I have been asked to write of the scary realization that Beyonce Knowles maybe in the authoritarianism business. Let me explain. The idea that she is a hero to minorities every where just seems so cruel. The women is an absolute disgrace to the world of music. There is no music here. More or less a cult of death and destruction is what we have here, a cult of nazism, a cult of vice. The Nazi Party decided to create a cult of death to kill innocent victims of the holocaust. The death and destruction that six million felt on Europe can never be denied by anybody. A superior race was told that it will be born out of the ashes. The music video Run the World by Beyonce is part of that culture, a sick display of torture and just pure self promotion of misanthropy. The highest form of hatred anywhere. We live in a time of great peril environmentally as well as militarily. The greatest threats to our humanity are nuclear war and environmental disaster. We have already proven that with fukashima, chernobyl, three mile island, exxon valdez, and the gulf of mexico oil spill. Climate change has become one of the greatest threats to our humanity. The fact that Don Blankenship has destroyed the great majestic West Virginia Appalachian Moutains is such a disgrace. Here is an explanation by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As the video explains the diabolicle nature in which human lives have been lost in such a very sick and disturbing manner. The cherished memories have been loved, the people have been lost.

The idea here is to add to issues that have to be addressed, the above video as well as the one in my last blog are very important to understand. The result is the following result of our misbehavior by the elites.


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