Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nuclear Insanity from Ground Zero!

The information I am about to share is disturbing and may be unsuitable to younger viewers. Reader discretion advised. The Nuclear industry would like us to believe that radioactivity is not a problem. Nuclear energy is not a problem they say. The environment is not harmed they say. I would like to believe all of their information, however I cannot respect the nuclear industry and I use that term loosely, since they are essentially a consortium, thanks to the Bush Administration. I have my problems with this crowd. The government since 2001 has been very untrust worthy. I never really trusted them, I am disturbed by the fact that hubris is infected into our culture, our economy, and the world around us. The pollution due to Fukashima Nuclear Plants reactors 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 have new meaning to what pollution is. E=MC^2. The power of the sun. I must say pollution on this magnitude is very much what the China Syndrome predicted. A realistic implication by which human loss of life has led to a very hard cold reality for us all. The end of the nuclear age. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a mad scientist as it is reported. The destructor of worlds. The very nature of the is age old technology we claim to be the end all be all sources of energy, I define it as craziness with a twist in society, in this moment I shall give true assessment on what I think the world has come to.
 In order to understand what is being said here we must go really far in history, the thirty years war. The powers at the time understood that the decline of empire is what creates the transformational moments set foot on the planet. Karl Marx spoke of these very situations. The ample dialogue in which examines communal ways of life. The utopia that is created unto the continent. The systemic realization that humans are forever changed for the better when not exploited. It seems fitting when people actually heed that philosophy. I speak of exploitation as an adversarial component here. The game that is being played is destruction of life and community. The revolutions throughout history have been germane in mostly when these nations have been exploited to the extent their imagination has disappeared. The sexual revolution realized what women in their ordinary circumstances can do under intense pressure from their master(husbands). Lesbian and Gay rights have been circumvented by the religious right in a very intense discussion of conservative robber barons suggesting the rightful place for these human qualities called sexual pleasure are for the socially conservative. These methods of ideology insist on fascist tendancies. You probably are asking what does sex and gender have to do with history. Its simple. Everything. It maybe a very difficult subject matter for some due to the explicit language I speak of. Sex is by its very nature a human trait. It goes back to the beginning of time. Love is secondary to sex. The Nazi regime in the 1930s were ultra-conservative and understood the very nature of this fact. Their abuse towards women and in the social degradation in general is very grim. Homosexuality was attacked and denied to be practiced by anybody that dared become part of their humanity. They also created groups that were attempting science that was almost pseudo-scientific. Sir. Francis Galton was a Eugenist. He wrote very racist and condescending opinions on man. There were people like this in the twentieth century with this culture in mind. “The question is not whether socialism is eugenics, for instance, socialists but rather eugenics is socialism.” A very germane disturbing picture emerges when we deal with the Nazi German third Reich. This regime was one of the most horrific in history. The holocaust was a form of great peril and genocide. The loss of loved ones was a very ugly episode befallen on to human kind. All in the confines of the nation state. This radical concept emerged out of the thirty years war. The radial belief in colonial oppression grew and then it led to industrialization. Out of tyranny of absolutism a new form of tyranny emerged. The power of Christianity that hijacked the faith and claimed as its own. Jingoism has its origins in the birth of empire. The kings and queens of Europe understood that and the basis for oppression under the shroud of majestic symbolism created a new dawn. This mindset would last for hundreds of years until a man in England who was catholic. A very protestant British royal government created very difficult situations as their empire grew. Guy Fawks was this very man. His opposition to the tyrannical nation state created the gunpowder plot that has been emphamise throughout Great Britain. The conception of militancy expanded under rebellious Fawks. He was fighting the corporate adoption of these ideas that were instituted by world powers. His legacy is still mirred by the United Kingdom as a symbol of terrorism. I ask then what is terrorism. As the age of terror in the 21st century has been defined as Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda the over reaching grasp of the nation state has lied out right in suggesting a shadowy enemy cannot be stopped. The terror threat hyped and cynical as it is does nothing but malign and decrease the power of the individual. Where does sex and radical ideology come in? In the midst of George W. Bush and the War of Terror he had suggested the criminal intent by his own government in labeling anyone that was picked up on the battlefield as an unlawful enemy combatant. The diminishing suggestion gives the communal aspect to sex as an evil deed. Or in than everything is evil and must be refined in order to prove ones self worth. This a dangerous paradox and very serious problem in order to feel pleasure and enjoyment of others. Nazi Germany in the midst of World War II banned contraception from the public and demonizing gay and lesbians in the midst of an intense war in Europe. Society pressures everyone to be open and free of normalcy it seems. Fetishism was a contradictory and perhaps normal practice in the early part of European development. The idea that by scientifically changing the culture of one’s self will change the very fabric of the betterment of all. What Dagmar Herzog as a professor of Sex History would suggest the evil intent by the religious right as a legitimacy factor grows to a reverse psychosis. Banning pleasure to better their rule is just an assault.  

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