Wednesday, May 4, 2011

War on Terror Hogwash! Here is their story...

The war on terror. That is what they say this is about. The war is supposed to be about the September 11, 2001 attacks. I have a hard time believing all of this, it seems the government is lying. The US government is lying. They are always saying things that do not make sense. To me, I humbly have come to the conclusion that this was a lie. Yes, I must admit the times have come to seek truth when no one is trying to place blame on the Bush crime family. The fact that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset, the Afghanistan War was an opportunity by the US to invade that part of the world to oust the Soviet Union. The fact remains that this was an operation to overthrow the other imperialists who thought it would be nice to invade and caused tremendous damage on to the Afghan people. No accountability was ever given to them. The fact remains of plausible deniability. I feel that these events reek of imperialism gone out of control. This sure smells funny. The idea our government went after Osama Bin Laden and has now retrieved the body. Out of Abbotabod, Pakistan. The Iraqi people know all to well that war does nothing but create misery, pain, and suffering. In the midst of this new found glory that President Obama has is interesting to say the least. Here is my solution the mystery. P-a-k-i-s-t-a-n. What do I mean? CIA has for the last 40 years been unwittingly created a boogeyman. That phantom of a man has been propped up for the last ten. Money and greed corrupt the world around us it seems. Oil, War, and drugs. The Capsian Sea rich in oil, and the last drops of this are very precarious. You can go back to many publications from the last forty years. Corporate America has seized the Oil in the Eurasian region and entitled itself with billions of dollars, the elite of the world have been gorging on natural resources for the last 100. Robber Baron classes have decided to destroy the planet for their own selfish interests.
America is rotting from within. We are on a full fledged nuclear war with China. I guess it would seem appropriate for evidence to be collected in advance of this story. Bin Laden now dead, the war profiteers have their sites set on the ultimate crime. World War III. The sad truth about us is that America is now a third world country. The planet is headed for serfdom.  The US economy is headed for a cliff, and now the world powers have the instinct to incinerate the planet. I have questions. Does anybody care about love? Or sex? Or even just loving one another. What is wrong with sex anyway, I mean it is just natural. Come on.  Natural in the sense that sex is normal. No they say, it is sin, it is meirly the fact that people are told horrible things in the spite of the truth behind the unnatural  terror  that surround the conservative radicals in the US, suggesting that sex is evil. Hmm, I do not think in any categorical way this is an evil act. It is a way of taking care of oneself. That is what needs to be promoted. There are no more hippies anymore. Love is a good thing, a healthy practice. Not like all of these perverted neoconservative fascists who claim they are moral people. Suggesting the moral high ground. If the above statements are true than the war on terror is your fault. George W. Bush squandered the American image world wide, and I am supposed to believe the psychopathic murderers who run everything? Osama Bin Laden was a CIA creation. I just have a difficult time in this moment of world history believing my beloved government telling me that the world is safe now. Move along. You don’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droids your looking for! I remember the 2007 documents by the RAND corporation suggesting that they needed to lobby the pentagon (the group that was directly behind the Manhattan Project) to start a war with Russia and or China. To save the US economy. These are just questions and shadows of questions that I have in light of all that has taken place in this “war on terror.” All these lies promoted by George W. Bush and his evil men. Torture, rendition, and crimes against humanity. The evil has gone from this place. He isn’t human.

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